Below is a list of all the Jemez artists whose pottery we carry. The names in blue mean some of their pottery is in our inventory right now. Click on those links to see.

Note: We have many more pieces of pottery and artists in our gallery than are featured on our web site. This web site is updated daily with some of our recent arrivals. If we do not have what you are looking for online, we may have it in the gallery. Please E-Mail us or call us at 505-986-1234.

Information about: in-store pottery-making demonstrations and the traditional process of making pottery

View All Jemez Pieces
Aaron Cajero
Gabriel Cajero
Joe Cajero Jr
Teri Cajero
Lorraine Chinana
Antoinette Concha
Marie Edna Coriz
Dennis Daubs
Glendora Daubs
Mary Louise Eteeyan
Benina Foley
Gordon Foley
Anissa Fragua
Ardina Fragua
Betty Jean Fragua
Bonnie Fragua
Cindy Fragua
Chrislyn Fragua
Clifford Kim Fragua
Felicia Fragua
Glendora Fragua
Janeth Fragua
Joseph Fragua
Juanita Fragua
Linda Lucero Fragua
Rose Fragua
Virginia Ponca Fragua
Bertha Gachupin
Carol Gachupin
Clara Gachupin
Henrietta Toya Gachupin
Laura Gachupin
Les Garcia
Gabriel Gonzales
Mary I Lewis
Anthony Loretto
Caroline Loretto
Deborah Loretto
Clayton Lucero
Diane Lucero
Mary Lucero
Virginia Lucero
Josephita Madalena
Joshua Madalena
Mary Madalena
Alma Maestas
Vanessa Maestas
Juanita Martinez
Kathleen Mora
Brenda Panana
Reyes Panana
Rose Pecos-Sun Rhodes
Marie G Romero
Marie Romero
Pauline Romero
Dory Sandia
Geraldine Sandia
Natalie Sandia
Kenneth James Sando
Janice Sarracino
Mary Small
Brenda Tafoya
Helen Tafoya
Vangie Tafoya
Verda Toledo
Phyllis M Tosa
Wilma Baca Tosa
Anita Toya
Ben and Geraldine Toya
Camilla Toya
Dolores Toya
Dominique Toya
Judy Toya
Lyda Toya
Marie R Toya
Martha Toya
Mary Toya
Mary Ellen Toya
Maxine Toya
Rosalie Toya
Vernida Toya
Darrick Tsosie
Emily Fragua Tsosie
Leonard Tsosie
Mary Tsosie
Theresa Tsosie
Unknown Artists
Carol Vigil
Evelyn Vigil
Kathleen Wall
Loren Wallowing Bull
Marie L Waquie
Sharela Waquie
Alvina Yepa
Dena Yepa
Elston Yepa
Emma Yepa
Ida Yepa
Lawrence Yepa
Marcella Yepa


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