Zuni Teaching Tree

Disclaimer: This "family tree" is a best effort on our part to determine who the potters are in this group and arrange them in a generational order. The pottery tradition at Zuni almost died out until Daisy Hooee (granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano, Hopi-Tewa) took on the job of teaching pottery at Zuni High School in the early 1950's. This diagram is subject to change should we get better info.

    Daisy Hooee Nampeyo
    Her students:
    • Josephine Nahohai
      Her descendants who became potters:
      • Irene Nahohai
      • Milford Nahohai
      • Randy Nahohai & Rowena Him Nahohai
        Their descendants who became potters:
        • Jaycee Nahohai
      • Priscilla Tsethlikai
    Jennie Laate
    Her students:
    • Carlos Laate
    • Gabriel Paloma
    • Agnes Peynetsa
    • Anderson Peynetsa & Avelia Peynetsa
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Anderson Jamie Peynetsa
    • Priscilla Peynetsa & Daryl Westika
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Gaylon Westika
    Noreen Simplicio - learned from Jennie Laate, took over teaching the class

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