Los Hermanos Ortiz Family and Teaching Tree

Disclaimer: This "family and teaching tree" is a best effort on our part to determine who the potters are in this grouping and arrange them in a generational order/order of influence. Complicating this for Mata Ortiz is that everyone essentially teaches everyone else (including the neighbors), so it's hard to get a real lineage of family/teaching. The general information available is scant. This diagram is subject to change as we get better info.

Note: Los Hermanos Ortiz was the name of a music group originally composed of six Ortiz brothers. Over time each of them drifted into the art of making pottery and then passed that knowledge on to others.

    Los Hermanos Ortiz
    • Eduardo Chevo Ortiz & Hortencia Dominguez
      Who learned from him:
      • Eduardo Ortiz Jr.
      • Eligio Ortiz
      • Eusebio Chevo Sandoval & Esperanza Tena
        Their descendant who became a potter:
        • Israel Sandoval
      • Natividad Naty Ortega
    • Macario Ortiz & Maria Elena Nena Lopez
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Macaria Ortiz & Gerardo Pedregon
      • Julio Cesar Ortiz
      • Santos Heder Ortiz
      • Tati Eleno Ortiz
      Others who learned from them:
      • Abigail Gaby Lopez & Pepe Marin
      • Eleazar Lopez & Olivia Juarez
      • Edmundo Lopez
      • Ruben Lozano
      • Efrain Lucero
        Others who learned from him:
        • Cesar Lucero & Miriam Gallegos
        • Efrain Lucero Jr. & Elicena Cota
    • Maria Elena Ortiz & Raul Navarette
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Cesar Navarette
      • Eli Navarette
      • Jesus Navarette
    • Nicolas Ortiz & Patricia Ortega
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Fabian David Ortiz
      • Jordi Ortiz
      • Miguel Angel Ortiz
      • Nicolas Ortiz Jr.
    • Osbaldo Ortiz & Theresa Ortiz
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Alonzo Ortiz
      • Florence Ortiz
    • Salbador Ortiz (d. 1997) & Eduviges Vicki Ortiz
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Paty Ortiz & Cruz Santillan
    • Santos Ortiz & Bertha Chacon
      • Isidro Ortiz

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