Ledezma-Jacquez Family and Teaching Tree

Disclaimer: This "family and teaching tree" is a best effort on our part to determine who the potters are in this grouping and arrange them in a generational order/order of influence. Complicating this for Mata Ortiz is that everyone essentially teaches everyone else (including the neighbors), so it's hard to get a real lineage of family/teaching. The general information available is scant. This diagram is subject to change as we get better info.

Priciliano Ledezma & Ramona Jacquez
  • Antonio Ledezma
  • Elsa Ledezma
  • Humberto Ledezma & Olga Quezada
    • Guadalupe Ledezma Quezada
    • Heriberto Ledezma Quezada
    • Sidia Ledezma Quezada
  • Julian Julio Ledezma & Rosa Ponce
  • Yolanda Yoly Ledezma
    • Celia Ortega
    • Santiago Ortega

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