Ascenciona Galvan Pino Family Tree

Disclaimer: This "family tree" is a best effort on our part to determine who the potters are in this family and arrange them in a generational order. The general information available is questionable so we have tried to show each of these diagrams to living members of each family to get their input and approval, too. This diagram is subject to change should we get better info.

    Rufina Galvan (b. ca. 1882)
    Her descendant who became a potter:
      Ascenciona Galvan Pino (b. ca. 1910) and Joe Pino
      Their descendants who became potters:
      • Seferina Bell (1920-1986)
        Her descendants who became potters:
        • Ruby Panana (b. 1954)
      • Katherine Pino (b. ca. 1935)
      • Laura Pino (b. ca. 1930s)
        Her descendants who became potters:
        • Eleanor Pino Griego (b. 1953)
        • Reyes Pino
      • Tomasita Pino (b. ca. 1930s)

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