Susie Williams Crank

Pot by Susie Williams Crank

Susie Williams Crank credits her sister Alice Cling as being her pottery inspiration and primary teacher. Their mother, Rose Williams, recognized as the matriarch of modern Navajo pottery, taught both Alice and Susie as they were growing up but Alice was more interested than Susie in those days, Susie's interest sparked later in life.

Created at her home in Shonto, AZ, Susie's pottery is entirely hand-made, from digging and preparing the clay to hand coiling the pot to burnishing and decorating it and finally to firing it in a wood fire. Her polished redware pottery is thin-walled, well proportioned and highly symmetrical with a well-burnished surface, often decorated with a biyo' (a traditional decorative fillet around the rim). The firing produces beautiful color variations (called fire clouds) that range from red to orange and brown to black tones. Firing also brings out subtle shades introduced during the burnishing process by the way the stone is held and how it is moved across the surface of the pot. After firing she finishes her pots with a coat of hot pine pitch.

She signs her work: "Susie W Crank Navajo" or "Susie Williams Navajo" on the bottom.

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