Sherry Tafoya

Santa Clara
Black jar carved with avanyu design

Born in 1956, Sherry Tafoya is the daughter of potter Mida Tafoya, the granddaughter of Christina Naranjo (the sister of Margaret Tafoya) and the great granddaughter of Sarafina Tafoya. Surrounded by such illustrious potters, she's been making pots since she was 14.

The only show she participates in is at the annual New Mexico State Fair where she's been awarded several ribbons for her wedding vases. Her favorite shapes to make are jars and wedding vases, carved with avanyu and feather designs.

Sherry likes her carved edges very sharp, yielding a clean and crisp visual presentation that differs from the softer edges of many Santa Clara potters.

100 West San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
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