Garrett Maho

Polychrome bowl with four direction katsina, bird element and geometric design, by Garrett Maho

Garrett Maho was born into the Rabbit/Tobacco Clan in 1976. He learned to make pottery the traditional way, first with his grandmother, Marilyn Mahle, and then with his aunt, Gloria Mahle. Later in life he took advantage of opportunities to work with Jacob Koopee.

Garrett likes making the traditional shapes he learned growing up but he also likes to incorporate neoclassical designs on his pieces. He says he finds his designs among the ancient Hopi ruins and among the designs his grandmother collected in her notebook which has been passed down in the family.

Since selling his first pot in 1996, Garrett has gone on to win numerous ribbons, including the Helen Naha Memorial Award for Excellence in Traditional Pottery at the Santa Fe Indian Market, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places at the Heard Museum and Best of Show 2016 at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Then he returned to the Heard Museum in the spring of 2018 and earned the Best of All Pottery ribbon.

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