Gabriela Perez
de Martinez

Mata Ortiz and
Casas Grandes
Gabriela Perez de Martinez in Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery
Sgraffito geometric design on a black and white jar

Gabriela Perez de Martinez was born in 1983. About 20 years later she met and fell in love with Hector Javier Martinez. At the time he was doing scattered odd jobs around Mata Ortiz as a car mechanic and gardener, trying to make ends meet while he spent his spare time trying to figure out how to make pottery the Mata Ortiz way. Their first son (Gabriel) was born before Javier got it right, then his pottery business took off about the same time Hector Javier Jr. (their second son) was born. Gabriela got involved and learned the whole process from Javier because he just couldn't keep up with demand. At the same time, she brought a feminine touch to his work and in this time of increased competition and knock-offs, that feminine touch is rewarding them with new designs that showcase the best that both Gabriela and Javier bring to their craft.

Gabriela says she has been making pots for about 10 years after having been taught how by her husband. It's Gabriela who adds the sgraffito butterfly, flower, vine and curlicue designs to their pieces. She also fills in some of the fine details for Javier.

Gabriela told us she gets her inspiration from Nature, and while Javier says he'd like another son, Gabriela assures us that four boys is more than enough.

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