Debbie Clashin

Debbie Clashin
Red and black bird element design on a yellowware jar, by Debbie Clashin

A member of the Hopi-Tewa Tobacco Clan, Debbie Clashin was born to Lorena Clashin and Morris Clashin, Sr. in 1969. Among her cousins are Dianna and Mark Tahbo, Dorothy Ami and Larson Goldtooth. She says she was exposed to the making of pottery for much of her life but only began to really learn the art herself around 2010, with Dianna Tahbo as her primary teacher.

Debbie first showed her work in a juried competition at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff during their annual Hopi Show. She earned a 1st Place ribbon at that show and feels it was her tribute to her teacher, Dianna Tahbo. She entered a piece in the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market juried show in 2015 and that piki bowl earned her the 1st Place ribbon for Utilitarian Pottery.

Debbie tells us her favorite shapes to make are large jars with small openings and flattened seed pots. Her favorite designs to paint are stylized interpretations of ancient Hopi designs, especially bird elements. She also tells us she is dedicated to her pottery and works hard on it but when she takes a break, she likes to get outdoors. Even if it's just to do yard work. Debbie says she's just not an indoor person, she even enjoys bringing in the firewood in the heart of winter. She also tells us she loves and respects her family, that they are the most important element in her life.

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