Bonnie Fragua

Bonnie Fragua of Jemez Pueblo
Jemez storyteller by Bonnie Fragua

Bonnie Fragua was born to Grace and Felix Fragua of Jemez Pueblo in March of 1966. As she was growing up she learned the traditional way to make Jemez pottery from her mother and from her aunt, Emily Fragua Tsosie. Among the other well-known potters in her family are Felicia Fragua, Cindy Fragua, Clifford Fragua, Chrislyn Fragua and Carol Gachupin.

As a child she earned ribbons for Best of Show and 1st and 2nd place in the Children's Category at the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts and Crafts Show. Forty years later she continues to participate in the Eight Northern Pueblos annual event, the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market and at the Heard Museum Guild Fair in Phoenix.

Bonnie tells us her favorite shapes to make are animal figures and storytellers. She also likes to decorate them with traditional Jemez designs.

When we asked her what she does when she's not making pottery she told us she works as a stylist. She also loves to hang out with her grandkids and exercise on her trampoline.

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