How our 28th Anniversary Sale Works

  • We have selected about 175 pieces of regular stock and have substantially reduced their prices.
  • The pieces are shown in descending order of their original price (most expensive at the top to least expensive at the bottom).
  • The sale price includes shipping to the lower 48 states.
  • The sale begins Wednesday, March 31st at 4pm MDT.
  • At 4pm, MDT, we will post the sale items to our website ( and to find from our Home Page click "Search" and then click "On sale" from the common searches listed.
  • We take all requests in the order received.
  • A piece is not marked as sold on our website until we have spoken with you and collected your credit card info. This means, we might have an earlier sale in progress and we will work diligently to honor all requests in the order received.
  • The following are visuals and instructions for the easiest way to purchase. It may seem a bit complicated, but we are hoping that by next year's sale our website will make it much easier to make a purchase.
  • If you are having trouble with our website, give us a call at (505) 986-1234

FIRST, on our website, locate the piece you would like to purchase, then click "more information."

Image of the web page with the More Information button circled in red

On the More Information page, click "Buy this piece."

Image of the web page with the Buy this piece button circled in red

Then, fill out the form.

Choosing "phone" is our preferred option. If you choose "e-mail" we will respond with an e-mail asking you to call us.

FINALLY, "Submit Form."

Again, if you have any problems, please call us (505) 986-1234

Image of the information form with the necessary text boxes and the Submit button circled in red


Image of the postcard that was mailed out to announce our upcoming 28th Aniversary Sale!

And now:

On to the Sale!