Santa Clara

Below is a list of all the Santa Clara artists whose pottery we carry. The names in blue mean some of their pottery is in our inventory right now. Click on those links to see.

Note: We have many more pieces of pottery and artists in our gallery than are featured on our web site. This web site is updated daily with some of our recent arrivals. If we do not have what you are looking for online, we may have it in the gallery. Please E-Mail us or call us at 505-986-1234.

Information about: in-store pottery-making demonstrations and the traditional process of making pottery

View All Santa Clara Pieces
Celes Aguilar
Celes and Evelyn Aguilar
Anna Archuleta
Mary Ester Archuleta
Linda Askan
Alvin Baca
David Baca
Angela Baca
Annie Baca
Jane Baca
Daniel Begay
Harrison Begay Jr
Apple Blossom
Autumn Borts
Birdell Bourdon
Florence Browning
Michele Tafoya Browning
Billy Cain
Joy Cain
Linda Cain
Mary Cain
Warren Cain
Sophie Cata
Denise Chavarria
Frances Chavarria
Harvey Chavarria
Joey Chavarria
Pablita Chavarria
Stella Chavarria
Sunday Chavarria
Art Cody
Reycita Cosen
Debra Curran
Dolores Curran
Ursula Curran
Lenore Denetchee
Tina Diaz
Debra Duwyenie
James Ebelacker
Jason Ebelacker
Richard Ebelacker
Virginia Ebelacker
Victor and Naomi Eckleberry
Caroline Elliot
Jody Folwell
Jody Sue Folwell
Polly Rose Folwell
Susan Folwell
Brooklyn Garcia
Derrick Garcia
Effie Garcia
Greg Garcia
Jason Garcia
Kimberly Garcia
Margaret Garcia
Sharon Naranjo Garcia
Tammy Garcia
Tina Garcia
Virginia Garcia
Denny Gutierrez
Derek Gutierrez
Dorothy and Paul Gutierrez
Dorothy Gutierrez
Eugene Gutierrez
Gary Gutierrez
Julie Gutierrez
Lela and Luther Gutierrez
Lois Gutierrez
Margaret Gutierrez
Margaret and Luther Gutierrez
Margaret Lou Gutierrez
Melony Gutierrez
Nadine Gutierrez
Pauline Gutierrez
Teresa Gutierrez
Diana Halsey
Linda Halsey
Andrew and Judy Harvier
Haungooah aka Art Cody
Dean Haungooah
Phyllis and Marlin Hemlock
Phyllis and Marlin Hemlock
Lela and Van
Charles Lewis
Rosemary Lewis
Myra Little Snow
Greg Lonewolf
Joseph Lonewolf
Rosemary Lonewolf
Susan Lonewolf
Lonnie Lovato
Pauline Marie
Annie Martinez
Ashley Martinez
Chris Martinez
Denise Martinez
Julia Martinez
Pauline Martinez
Vickie Martinez
Grace Medicine Flower
Jo Ann Million
Petra Montoya
Mildred Moore
Bernice Moquino
Camille Moquino
Corn Moquino
Jennifer Moquino
Lee Moquino
Martin Moquino
Marvin Moquino
Melvin Moquino
Adrianna Naranjo
April Naranjo
Barbarita Naranjo
Betty Naranjo
Celestina Naranjo
Christina Naranjo
Dusty Naranjo
Elijah Naranjo
Elizabeth Naranjo
Ernest Naranjo
Eunice Naranjo
Fidel and Tonita Naranjo
Flora Naranjo
Florence Naranjo
Forrest Naranjo
Frances Naranjo
Geri Naranjo
Glenda Naranjo
Gloria Naranjo
Howard and Linda Naranjo
Jennifer Naranjo
Jody Naranjo
Joe Naranjo
Joe and Eunice Naranjo
Johnathan Naranjo
Justin Naranjo
Kevin Naranjo
Madeline E Naranjo
Madeline Naranjo
Margie Naranjo
Maria Naranjo
Marian Rose Naranjo
Monica Naranjo
Nicolasa Naranjo
Pat and Margie Naranjo
Paul Naranjo
Reycita Naranjo
Robert Naranjo
Sammy Naranjo
Stephanie Naranjo
Teresita Naranjo
Ursulita Naranjo
Veronica Naranjo
Dolly Naranjo Neikrug
Robert Nichols
Christine Nieto
Miana Pablita
Andy and Marcia Padilla
Dolorita Padilla
Anita Pino
Cliff Roller
Jeff Roller
Jordan Roller
Ryan Roller
Susan Roller
Tim Roller
Toni Roller
Monica Romero
Susan Romero
Frances Salazar
Melissa Salazar
Pauline Salazar
Helen Shupla
Jeanne Shupla
Mary Singer
Myra Sisneros
Elija Naranjo Smith
Paul Speckled Rock
Anita Suazo
Anthony Suazo
Candelaria Suazo
Clara Suazo
Cyrus Suazo
Jason White Eagle Suazo
Lahoma Suazo
Leonard Suazo
Marie Suazo
Wallace Suazo
Roxanne Swentzell
Agapita Tafoya
Betty Tafoya
Camilio Tafoya
Carleen Youngbird Tafoya
Celes Tafoya
Cresencia Tafoya
Douglas Tafoya
Earlene Youngbird Tafoya
Emily Tafoya
Eric Tafoya
Forrest Tafoya
Gwen Tafoya
Judy Tafoya
Kenneth Tafoya
Laura Tafoya
Lee Tafoya
Legoria Tafoya
Lincoln Tafoya
Linda Tafoya
LuAnn Tafoya
Lucaria Tafoya
Madeline Tafoya
Margaret Tafoya
Marjorie Tafoya
Mary Agnes Tafoya
Michelle Tafoya
Mida Tafoya
Ray Tafoya
Rosalie Tafoya
Rose Tafoya
Sarafina Tafoya
Severa Tafoya
Shawn Tafoya
Sherry Tafoya
Shirley Tafoya
Starr Tafoya
Troy Tafoya
Roy Tanner
Stella Tanner
Belen Tapia
Ira Tapia
Mae Tapia
Doris Tenorio
Jennie Trammel
Unknown Artists
Carol Velarde
Frances Velarde
Tricia Velarde
Annette Vigil
Ethel Vigil
Minnie Vigil
Daryl Whitegeese
Ethel Yazza
Mela Youngblood
Nancy Youngblood
Nathan Youngblood
Earlene Youngbird-Tafoya


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