Below is a list of all the artists from Hopi whose pottery we carry. The names in blue mean some of their pottery is in our inventory right now. Click on those links to see.

Note: We have many more pieces of pottery and artists in our gallery than are featured on our web site. This web site is updated daily with some of our recent arrivals. If we do not have what you are looking for online, we may have it in the gallery. Please E-Mail us or call us at 505-986-1234.

Information about: in-store pottery-making demonstrations and the traditional process of making pottery

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Karen Abeita
Alice Adams
Jeremy Adams
Sadie Adams
Dorothy Ami
Loren Ami
Nettie Ami
Ramona Ami
Reva Ami
Flying Ant
Andrea Auguh
Nathan Begaye
Shirley Benn
Hattie Carl
Grace Chapella
Karen Charley
Lena Charlie
Lowell Chereposy
Debbie Clashin
Kathleen Collateta
Mike Collateta
Myra Daniels
William David
Verla Dewakuku
Preston Duwyenie
Feather Woman
1st Frogwoman
2nd Frogwoman
Larson Goldtooth
Eugene Hamilton
Vina Harvey
Juanita Healing
Antoinette Honie
Patricia Honie
Rondina Huma
Rosetta Huma
Stella Huma
Violet Huma
Emaline Jackson
Harrison Jim
Gloria Kahe
Marcella Kahe
Valerie Kahe
Alton Komalestewa
Emily Komalestewa
Jacob Koopee
Mona Lee
Cecilia Lesso
Nancy Lewis
Claudina Lomakema
Emogene Lomakema
Lorna Lomakema
Steve Lucas
Gloria Mahle
Garrett Maho
Juanita Maho
Patty Maho
Vivian Mumzewa
Amber Naha
Burel Naha
Emma Naha
Helen Naha aka Feather Woman
Nona Naha
Paqua Naha aka 1st Frogwoman
Rainy Naha
Sylvia Naha
Terran Naha
Tyra Naha
Lucy Nahee
Derek Nahsonhoya
Randall Sahmie Nahto
Les Namingha
Lillian Namingha
Priscilla Namingha
Bessie Namoki
Lawrence Namoki
Lucinda Namoki
Nampeyo of Hano
Adelle Nampeyo
Augusta Nampeyo
Candice Nampeyo
Carla Nampeyo
Daisy Hooee Nampeyo
Danella Nampeyo
Darlene Nampeyo
Doe Nampeyo
Elva Nampeyo
Elvira Nampeyo
Fannie Nampeyo
Gary Polacca Nampeyo
Hisi Quotskuyva Nampeyo
Iris Nampeyo
James Nampeyo
Leah Nampeyo
Loren Hamilton Nampeyo
Melda Nampeyo
Nellie Nampeyo
Neva Nampeyo
Nolan Youvella Nampeyo
Rachel Namingha Nampeyo
Rayvin Nampeyo
Tonita Nampeyo
Sandra Nash
Charles Navasie
Dawn Navasie
Eunice Navasie
Fawn Navasie
Grace Navasie
Joy Navasie aka 2nd Frogwoman
Leona Navasie
Loretta Navasie
Marianne Navasie
Maynard Navasie
Veronica Navasie
Garnet Pavatea
Clara Peesha
Anita Polacca
Clinton Polacca
Delmar Polacca
Reva Polacca
Thomas Polacca
Vernida Polacca
Laura Preston
Jofern Silas Puffer
Alice Puhuhefvaya
Al Qoyawayma
Marcia Rickey
Donna Robertson
Bonnie Sahmie
Jean Sahmie
Nyla Sahmie
Rachel Sahmie
Jeannette Sahy
Beth Sakeva
Cynthia Sequi
Dee Setalla
Gwen Setalla
Pauline Setalla
Stetson Setalla
Irene Shupla
Bobby Silas
Roberta Silas
Rolinda Silas
Venora Silas
White Swann
Dianna Tahbo
Mark Tahbo
Ted H Tahbo
Eli Taylor
Tyra Tewawina
Marjorie Tewayguna
Laura Tomosie
Unknown Artists
Ethel Youvella
Susie Youvella
Wallace Youvella
Donella Zacharias